BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap Compatible with Quest 2,Magnetic Connection and Lightweight Design, 5200mah Replaceable Hot Swap Power Bank VR Accessories

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Product Description

M2M2 Compatible With Quest 2 Facial Decompression

BOBOVR’s new M2 PRO+ battery strap is as easy as wearing a baseball cap, effectively reducing the facial pressure when wearing it, and achieving long-term comfortable gaming.

B2B2 Just Replace, Never Stop

Directly replace the battery to restore battery life.The powerful magnetic structure can fix the battery pack and will not fall off during exercise.

M2M2 Ultimate Comfort

With 6 adjustable points, you can adjust the comfortable position according to your habits.

M2 Hot-swap Charging

Without taking off the earphones, it can be directly magnetically fixed on the strap for charging

M2 Any Size

The rear adjustment wheel can easily adjust the strap to fit 18.2-24.4 inches head size.

M2 Convenience Storage

The strap can be folded to reduce 1/3 of the space, making it more convenient to carry.

1 Hot-swap Charging 2 Any Size 3 Convenience Storage

Easy Installation

1/ Take out the head strap, and press the back of the head pad to the slot on the back of the head strap .

2/ Carefully remove the installed headstrap from the Quest2 .

3/ Place the M2 Plus fixing arm over the speaker structure on both sides of Quest2 .

4/ Thread the middle webbing through the Quest2 retaining ring about 1-2cm apart and you are ready to use .

Comfortable Wearing

1/ Adjust the horizontal line of the headphone arm of Quest 2 to make the picture clearer.

2/ Adjust the short strap of the strap to make the picture clearer.

3/ Adjust the side wall of the strap to allow the strap to obtain a suitable fixed position.

4/ Adjust the rear adjustment wheel of the strap to make the strap fit your head size.

Easy To Charge

You can directly use an external power adapter that meets the requirements, and directly connect the top type-c interface of the B2 battery pack to charge the B2 battery through the power cord we provide. You can also use our twin charger station to charge 2 B2 battery packs at the same time.

( Do not connect the Quset2 for power supply while the battery pack is charging. )

Can the BOBOVR head strap fit in the official Quest 2 suitcase?

Our elite head strap (M1 models) fit easily into the official Quest 2 carrying case. Our halo head strap (M2 model) will be a bit larger overall so it can fit into our C2 suitcase.

What is the main difference between the BOBOVR head strap and the official Quest 2 ?

Our head strap are equipped with knobs and enlarged back of the head support, which can be easily adjusted for most different sizes of heads. The parts in contact with the head are equipped with leather pads, making the head very comfortable.

How long does the battery pack increase the battery life? How to deal with the failure?

The B2 battery pack uses high-standard power cells, with a cycle life of more than 500 times, which can fully charge Quest2 once, and provides up to 18 months of damaged replacement after-sales service

How is the B2 battery pack fastened to the head strap and will it fall off?

Our head strap with battery packs will all have a base for placing the B2 battery pack. The B2 battery pack is attached to the base by a strong magnet. We have tried violent movements and shaking, but we can’t shake the B2 battery pack off the base.

Are B2 battery packs safe to charge?

B2 itself has 3 layers of protection against overcharging, so there will be no overcharging. Please use it with confidence.

Before use, please read the relevant manual carefully, please use it correctly and safely to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

BOBOVR Head Strap Compare

Product Features

Comfortable+More battery life

Comfortable+Cycle battery life

Tenacity+More battery life

Tenacity+Cycle battery life

Compatible With Quest 2

Battery Pack Quantity





Have Twin Charger Station

Wearing Method

Balanced pressure on the head

Balanced pressure on the head

Compressed front and back

Compressed front and back

Power supply is more convenient: The battery pack adopts a magnetic quick-release design, and the battery can be detached and charged, which does not affect the use of VR host. Two battery packs are hot-swappable for unlimited battery life (the second battery pack needs to be purchased separately);
Reducing the weight of the head battery: We designed a dedicated battery pack B2 for the VR host, which weighs only 140g, which can balance the front and rear weights. Compared with the traditional power bank, the burden on the head is significantly reduced;
Double the battery life: The battery capacity of a single battery pack is 5200mah, which can fully charge the Quest2 once, adding about 2-3 hours (APP depends) of VR time, and there is also a USB-C interface. Can power other accessories like BOBOVR F2.
Hassle-free Warranty: For any pre-sale or after-sales issues, an 18-month hassle-free warranty is guaranteed to feel free to contact us.


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