Acne Care Bible – Dermatologist’s Tips For Acne Treatment & Prevention: Dermatologist’s Blueprint (Banish Hormonal Acne With Microbiome Therapy, Botanicals, … & Mindfulness) (Beauty Bible Series)



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Dermatologist’s Blueprint: Banish Hormonal Acne With Microbiome Therapy, Botanicals, Diet, Skincare & MIndfulness

Struggle with acne? Frustrated by conflicting advice you hear from facialists, doctors, friends and even social media?

What You’ll Learn

Hormonal acne treatment for womenBattling pimples and acne in teensPimple care for teensSkincare regimens for acne treatment, maintenance and preventionAcne-free diets, what works and what doesn’tSpot treatments and DIY at-home rescue hacks without injectablesVideo tutorial guide to acne facial kits for aestheticians

Why You Will Love This No Nonsense Guide

Well organised, concise yet comprehensive, jargon-freePurchase includes downloadable resources (at-a-glance speed guide and acne cheatsheet plus acne recovery skincare journal with prompts)Video skincare class access (3 hours, with lecture notes/quiz)Expert perspectives from the author of original microbiome researchAn empowering guide for every teen, teen parent or adult acne patient

Additional Topics Covered

Special notes on puberty skincare and haircareWho, what, when, where and how of acneCommon mimics of acneLatest in skin microbiome researchBrain-Skin Connection: Stress & the Skin

The Acne Care Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips for Acne Treatment & Prevention is a comprehensive review of the causes of physiologic and adult acne. Learn all about the underlying causes of acne, medical treatments, as well as lifestyle interventions that may be helpful.

Written by accomplished Singapore dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin, the author of published research on the skin microbiome, it promises to educate the layperson on everything they ought to know on acne. Dr. Teo is an international beauty KOL and host of Asia’s premier beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty that has collaborated with top industry names like the AMORE-Pacific group, Eucerin, Dior Beauty, Skinceuticals, FOREO and the Loreal group, to name a few. An expert in cosmeceutical formulations, she is a key voice in the Asian beauty industry where her brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals dominates the dermatologist-formulated skincare market in the region.

Beauty Bible Support

The Acne Care Bible is part of the complete collection of beauty bibles by Dr.TWL.If you still have an unanswered question related to the subject, submit it with your order receipt to the contact email included in the book and get it answered as a featured question on our podcast!

Who is this for?

Whether you are an adult acne sufferer, teen struggling to understand puberty skin or a parent of a teen, this book arms you with practical tips like how to manage pimples, when you need oral medications, options for non-oral treatment. For aestheticians, this is a guide to facial kits and technologies that work on pimples. Contains advice on a proper skincare regimen for long term acne prevention and maintenance therapy. Imparts treatment pearls for approaching acne holistically by incorporating diet, mindfulness practice, light therapy and botanicals.

From the Publisher

Acne Bible By Dr.TWLAcne Bible By Dr.TWL

Acne Video CourseAcne Video Course

The Perfect Skincare Book for Teens, Adult Acne Treatment, Aestheticians

Written by international expert on acne microbiome, author of published research in top dermatology journalsLatest edit includes downloadable cheat sheets and at-a-glance speed guides with teen, young-adult friendly cartoon detective themePrintable skincare planner for acne recovery journalComplete textbook in easy-to-read, jargon-free languageUpdated section on functional acne treatment with plant-based activesNon-oral treatment optionsMust-haves and do-not-buy list of OTC acne topicalsHarnessing the mind-gut-skin axis for holistic acne careIncludes access to video workshops on acne skincare and facial regimens for aestheticians and at-home treatments (3 hours)


Honestly Let's Banish AcneHonestly Let's Banish Acne

Oral, Blue Light, Spot Treatment, Skincare Topicals for AcneOral, Blue Light, Spot Treatment, Skincare Topicals for Acne

Double Cleanse, Essence, SerumsDouble Cleanse, Essence, Serums

Clay Mask, Acne Spot TreatmentClay Mask, Acne Spot Treatment

Complete acne treatment blueprint

It’s not just acne. It’s also a condition that affects your life. This book, written by an international expert on acne treatment, provides insights into the influence of hormones, diet, stress and genetics in acne physiology.

Acne treatment for adults

Dr.TWL imparts clinical knowledge acquired from over a decade of experience managing complex acne cases, including updates on the skin microbiome and non-oral treatment options like LED light therapy. Tips on how to choose plant-based botanical actives that work as well as how to minimise acne scarring and post-inflammation hyperpigmentation.

Acne treatments for the face

Discover the science behind skincare regimens for acne treatment, long term maintenance and prevention. Dr.TWL breaks down how cleansers, face essences, antioxidant serums like Vitamin C and gel masks can help to improve acne based on the latest findings in microbiome research.

Acne facial kit

In accompanying video tutorials, gather your tools for your acne facial kit for at-home treatments. Learn about microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion and chemical peels. Dr.TWL teaches you the science of good bacteria for healthy skin; as well as good skincare habits to cultivate.

Foam Cleanser, Facial Mist, TonerFoam Cleanser, Facial Mist, Toner

Puberty Skin & Hair Survival GuidePuberty Skin & Hair Survival Guide

Myth Acne can never  be cured. You can only wait it out.Myth Acne can never  be cured. You can only wait it out.

Dermatologist's Cheat SheetDermatologist's Cheat Sheet

Hormonal acne treatment for women do’s and don’ts

Get 2 additional issues of “Outdated acne treatments you should never use” & “Facials for hormonal acne that work” with the latest edition. Receive insights into anti-acne diets that work and those that don’t.

Complete skincare book for teens

Written in a warm and friendly style, Dr.TWL teaches you how to navigate puberty skin and hair—acne-free! Practical tips on oil control for skin and scalp, actionables included in planner. Plus, foods to avoid!

The truth about pimple care for teens

Here’s advice that a dermatologist will tell you—acne treatment can be too late. Indented scars like ice pick and box-car type scars do not develop overnight. They arise when protracted inflammation occurs, damaging deeper tissues that result in scarring. This book teaches you about the types of scars that occur and how you can prevent them.

Truths about acne treatment for teens and adults

Why you will never want to scrub your face again. The science behind the skin microbiome makes a compelling argument for restoration of the skin barrier, vs outdated concepts such as physical exfoliation with abrasives.

Adult Hormonal Acne BanishedAdult Hormonal Acne Banished

When it's Not AcneWhen it's Not Acne

Acne Diet: Brain Gut Skin ConnectionAcne Diet: Brain Gut Skin Connection

The acne book for aestheticians

Why does acne always come back after stopping oral medications? Dr.TWL shares her straight answers to questions about stubborn acne and how to fix it with non-oral treatments. Here’s a hint: think active ingredients, timing and assisted technologies!

Acne treatment: what the internet doesn’t tell you

Arm yourself with knowledge and hear from a board-certified dermatologist why it is crucial to understand when its not just acne. Many conditions like rosacea, facial eczema, fungal folliculitis and perioral dermatitis look like acne, may even co-exist but really isn’t going away with traditional acne treatment.

Hormonal Acne Diet: The Mind-Gut-Skin Axis

Understand how stress can affect the brain and skin via hormones. Practical tips on stress-relieving activities and mindfulness techniques for better acne control. Actionables included in planner: how to stop picking at acne. Includes a section on the psychology behind a little-known acne condition, acne excoriee and the dermatologist’s blueprint on how to manage it. Are anti-acne diets a panacea? Get the truth behind the role diet plays in acne, the caveats and what dermatologists really think is going on with acne skin.

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